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Casino Streams

Those interested in the casino streams will be extremely pleased to read this article. We have tried to make it as fulfilling as possible. So, if you want to learn more about the topic, then, check out this material!

What is a Casino Stream? 

A casino stream is a live broadcast of a certain gambling game that is introduced on a whole variety of platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.

The best casino streamers do not only tell about a playing unit but are also involved in it themselves. At the same time, those watching him can be engaged in the interaction with each other and react to the streaming process.

Some really nice and famous casino Twitch streamers are eager to share valuable tips regarding how to win on the gambling platforms. This is one of the reasons why people tend to watch the streams more and more.

The casino streamer is interested in arranging a broadcast as long as he can attract the audience to the casino’s site. In this case, we get to deal with the affiliate programs. It is an awesome way to earn money today.

Where to Stream Casino Games?

This is a question that may worry those who would like to try themselves in casino streaming. So, today, you can savor a great deal of the platforms and resources for it. all of them are different and the success a streamer might experience won’t be the same either. That is why it is vital to take the peculiarities of each platform into account. And, we are about to proceed with it below.


Twitch casino streamers get to earn the most relevant popularity as long as the resource we are ready to discuss was introduced primarily for the game streaming. To tell the truth, it is the biggest gaming community worldwide, and the trend won’t change in the near future.

You should be aware of the fact that if you google some kind of slots, you will be able to find plenty of streams with it on Twitch. Isn’t it great? It means that you can follow famous streamers and find right what you want to get the info you are looking for. And sure, it is a perfect place to start streaming career too


This is another great platform that can help you to get started really nicely. In most cases, YouTube casino streamers also deal with affiliate programs. And, as on Twitch, streamers here are ready to reward their audience with the prizes if they take part in the stuff they organize.

The only difference from Twitch is basically that YouTube is a global video hosting that revolves around not just the gambling streamers’ topic but much more than this.


Oh, this one is actually revolutionary. It is real to start here by making short videos about the games or the way you play them. And naturally, you can stream here too as long as such an option is introduced for anyone who proceeds with the registration here. 

The audience loves the format suggested by the platform. So, the very beginners have a great deal of opportunities to take advantage of!


If you have never heard of it, it might be surprising news for you. There is a Live mode on Facebook that allows you to try the streaming opportunities out. Naturally, all this hasn’t reached such great popularity as Twitch but why not make an attempt to find your devoted audience here? There is a chance you’ll manage to succeed!

How to Stream Casino?

Now, as you are aware of the key platforms to start at, we can get to the most intriguing topic which is answering the question of how exactly to stream casino. So, follow our guide given below!

1. Determine the platform for your live stream casino career.

Consider all the pros and cons of each one we have listed above. Nonetheless, the key criterion should be the convenience personally for you. Select the resource that you are okay to work with speaking of all the basic features to apply.

2. Create an account on the platform you have chosen. 

Normally, it doesn’t take more than several minutes. The data you have to state is your name, email address, date of birth, etc. Also, it is vital to agree with the Terms and Conditions that are suggested to you.

3. Make sure you have all the necessary technical equipment to begin.

By this, we mean that it is essential to possess a webcam and a microphone. As for the streaming software, it is going to be reasonable to stick to programs like Open Broadcaster Software. What is more, it will be great if you are able to get a nice PC or Mac as long as this will contribute a lot to the success of what you plan to do.

4. Pick the casino you will stream and decide on several games there.

Naturally, it should be something that you love and this stuff has to arouse bright feelings in you. Mostly, we speak about incredible adrenaline and sincere interest. Only in this case, you will be able to win the hearts of those watching your streams.

5. Take care of creating your account on other social media platforms.It will help you to gain a bigger audience and express your potential more.

6. Do not forget about the contests for the users!

This is an essential part. Your audience should trust you and be able to win while watching you. This is what the top casino streamers never ignore.

Making Money on Casino Streaming 

There are several ways that the casino streamers can stick to in order to earn. Let us list the key of them.

  • Affiliate links.

We have already mentioned such a way above. To use this option, just sign up to the casino resource you are interested in the most and become a marketer there. Then, you should receive a referral link and promote it. This can be done while streaming or you may also post the link in the description of the stream.

  • Partnership with a certain casino platform.

This way reminds the previous one but here, the cooperation with the casino is going to be more serious and complex. You will advertise it and get paid for this (it is an incredible opportunity for those who wonder how do casino streamers make money). Doesn’t it sound great?

  • Winning money by playing your favorite games.

As long as you keep streaming, you will be more aware of the bonuses, jackpots, and so on. That is why you have more chances to succeed and win a really nice cash prize!

  • Earning money by means of subscription fee.

You can use such an opportunity if you make a decision to open an account on Twitch. But certainly, there are some requirements to meet. For instance, you should be streaming for 25 hours (it is a minimum) for 12 days in a month.

  • Donations.

This is one of the most popular options for online casino streamers to make good money. And, it is not only used by them but by streamers who devote their activities to other stuff too.

So, it’s up to you to decide which way will be the most preferable for you. But we advise combining them to achieve greater results!

Fake Streaming VS Real Money Streaming

Once you make a decision to stream, you get deeper into the topic. And, such a matter as fake streaming can arise. 

So, fake streaming is when the real money is not used within the process. Naturally, the viewers may not be aware of it, and in many cases, they are not. As for the real money streaming, the streamer spends his own funds to make deposits and this kind of stuff. So, everything is honest here and the audience is not misled.

Live Casino Streams

A casino live stream (Twitch or other kinds of platforms) is when you stream live casino games. So, the principle of interacting with the audience is just the same. However, it’s important to take into account that plenty of today’s viewers are in love with watching these streams as long as it might be far more fun.

If you want to get involved in streaming like this, you need to know that it might be an awesome way to get your devoted audience. Stick to the options you feel an expert in (it may be a Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, etc.)

Top 10 Casino Streamers

The best casino streamers can’t be ignored. If you want to join them, it’s better to know what they are like and why the audience loves them! So, let’s deal with this then.

Trainwreckstv Casino Streams


Well, Trainwreckstv is involved in crypto casino betting. His real name is Tyler Faraz Niknam (USA). The most notable aspects about him are as follows:

  • He streams for more than ten hours in a row;
  • He has about 2 million followers on Twitch and half a million of them on Twitter;
  • Trainwreckstv is characterized as a crazy high roller;
  • This guy is mentioned on Wikipedia!

By the way, his early start is linked not to the gambling stuff but to the World of Warcraft. The number of people watching him live (Trainwreckstv is one of the casino slot streamers) reaches 25,000 viewers.

Roshtein Casino Streams


Roshtein has started on Twitch in 2015. He is known as a slots streamer having about 900K followers, and this number keeps growing constantly.

His real name is Ishmael Schwartz (Sweden). His audience is not that great on other platforms but still, he is trying to be rather active there. For instance, he has 112K on Instagram and 10K of follower viewers on Facebook.

Roshtein is a very bright high roller and his viewers just love him for this.

Tyceno Casino Streams


Tyceno is also one of the leaders of casino streaming on Twitch (started back in 2017). It is vital to know that he is fond of mixing video games and casino games (slots mainly) while streaming. And, it turns out to be rather exciting for the audience!

Tyceno has about 600K followers on Twitch which is a great number. Apart from being engaged in the activities here, he also deals with the audience on YouTube.

Xposed Casino Streams


Xposed is one of the top 10 casino streamers you surely should know about. His real name is Cody Burnett (Canada).

The number of his viewers on Twitch is around half a million which is certainly relevant! Besides, you can find Xposed on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

This streamer did not start with the casino stuff either. His early career is connected with Call of Duty. Xposed is involved mainly in slots and live casino games.

AngelMelly Casino Streams


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is this: AngelMelly (Australia) is a female! It is what makes her notable. But she became popular not only because of this. AngelMelly is an extremely bright personality able to catch the attention of the audience. Slot games and Fortnite are the options she sticks to while streaming.

She started on YouTube back in 2015. AngelMelly has around 300K followers on Twitch.

ClassyBeef Casino Streams


ClassyBeef is not just one streamer as you might have thought! It is a whole team of nine streamers (Malta). Despite the fact that these guys started only in 2019 they are already very popular!

Slots are what they focus on. It is notable that the team members often battle with each other (Beef Battles) and this adds a lot of adrenaline. The audience just loves watching their cool streams because they are active and spread new info about the casino’s promos. These guys have 200K followers on Twitch.

CasinoDaddy Casino Streams


This is one of the biggest casino streamers that managed to win the hearts of millions of people. CasinoDaddy is extremely popular on YouTube and Twitch. By the way, it is a trio of brothers (Sweden).

They have around 200K followers on the platforms listed. It was the oldest brother, Mathias Joelsson, who started first and was a fan of casino playing even back in 2011. CasinoDaddy focuses on the slots mainly. However, they also stream roulette, poker, and blackjack.

AyeZee Casino Streams


AyeZee can be characterized as one of the crypto casino streamers. He is known mostly to those who watch the streams on Twitch.

Slots are the primary focus of his attention. AyeZee often arranges the lotteries and contests for those who deal with his broadcasts streaming slots playing. As for the number of followers, it is around 150K.

SpinlifeTVCasino Streams


You can interact with SpinlifeTV not only on Twitch but on YouTube too. And, those who make a decision to watch these streams never complain!

It’s vital to know that SpinlifeTV isn’t a one person but also a team. They deal with the slots mainly and do this in a rather exciting way!

FossyGFX Casino Streams


This is a streamer we are going to finish our list with. FossyGFX (Malta) is known for his streams on Twitch and YouTube mostly.

If we speak about the focus of his streams, it is chill gambling, music, and overall fun! FossyGFX has been involved in high-stakes gambling which makes it a recognizable person on the Net.

Recommendations for Future Streamers

If you dream of becoming a streamer, you should learn a lot! But what is more important, it’s vital to be dedicated and determined enough and believe in yourself. Get acquainted with the tips we have prepared for you below.

  1. First of all, get ready for the fact that things take time. Do not expect to gain a great audience too quickly. However, if you love what you are doing, people will notice you for sure.
  2. Think about what games you will be streaming carefully. It is going to influence your future popularity a lot. You should feel like an expert in something and at the same time, do not go for the stuff a lot of top casino streamers are involved in (by the way, some beginners ask questions like “Can I stream poker at Commerce casino?”. Well, it can be possible but you’ll need to figure this out additionally).
  3. Give emotions to the audience you are trying to gain. Your streams have to be catchy, unusual in some of the aspects, and very bright. They should make people who are watching you enter your broadcasts again and again. This is the key factor that is going to determine your success.
  4. Be yourself and do not try to hide your personality. It can be really hard at the very beginning but it’s important. Tell about your life a bit because this is what is just loved by people watching others.
  5. Decide how exactly you are going to cooperate with the casino platforms. This refers to the kinds of deals you will stick to and other peculiarities of your future work.
  6. Do not forget to reward your viewers. As a result of doing this, they will have an intention to stick to your channel.

Pros & Cons

Being involved in a casino free stream is a nice idea because:

  • You can make great cash by means of it;
  • It is an awesome chance to gain your audience and become popular as a result;
  • You are about to experience a ton of adrenaline while streaming.

As for the negatives, here is a list of them:

  • Streaming can be hard at the very beginning because you will have to stay motivated and keep doing your thing;
  • It might cost you some money to get the equipment;
  • The niche is competitive.

All in all, there are both positives and cons as with everything. Just consider this before the very start.


Casino streamer deals and streaming in general are a lot of fun. Nevertheless, it requires some knowledge and dedication if we speak about the very beginners. Do not give up on your idea if you really want to do this! Try to keep your motivation stable and watch the way others stream. It may help you a lot.


Those wondering how to stream casino may have some additional questions. We are ready to answer them below!

It is a lot of fun to watch casino online free stream. And, those who stream themselves, can make nice cash by means of it!

Naturally! Streamers are ready to share useful stuff with their audience, and they do it with great pleasure.

Sure! Mostly, you do not have to pay anything to watch streams. This is what people love them for.

There is nothing bad in arranging a casino stream in case a streamer is dealing with an official and reputable casino platform.

The casinos and streamers make an agreement, and a streamer receives a certain sum of money to play. Then, he will keep the profit. Sometimes, the streamers work just with the affiliate links and play with their own money.

It is. This is a great chance to gain popularity and make nice money.

If you wonder how to become a casino streamer, learn this: you should love the games you play and have fine equipment to stream. This is it!

Basically, what you need is to be open to the audience, have a certain charisma, and be energetic. These are the key qualities of a streamer.

We wish you the best of luck with what you are going to do! Believe in yourself, look at the competitors, and you will manage to succeed!